We are your company's eyes and ears in major ports, rail and truck depots throughout the country. Every facet of our operations, from visual inspection of individual merchandise to problem solving in your factory, is designed to help your bottom line. We do not simply note and report damage; we investigate why and when your merchandise is being damaged so procedural or manufacturing changes can be made.

We pioneered the use of computer technology in the field and we continue to find new ways to add value to our services. Vehicle Condition Reports are produced via our state-of-the-art electronic survey management systems.

Our Services Include:
 Pre- and Post-truck, Rail and Vessel Inspections  Repurchase Programs
 Development of Damage Prevention Plan  Off-lease Programs
 Truck, Rail, Vessel and Container Discharge and Load  In-stow Inspections
 Quality Consulting Services  Inventory Control
 Vehicle Damage Appraisal  Fleet Programs
 Inspection and Observation  Joint Surveys
 Damage Qualifications  Project Management
 Survey Data Management  

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